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Angela Paulseth's Memorial

Submitted By: Deborah Paulseth

Candles Lit: 3043 add a candle

Birth Date:
Dec 01, 1974
Death Date:
Sep 01, 2012
United States

About Angela Paulseth

Caring, Loving, Thoughtful, Honest,, Ambitious, Beautiful face and beautiful soul.

Angela Paulseth's Legacy

Loved and Cherished by everyone, forever!


Jun 07, 2015
So sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter.
- Bonnie Bartley

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Nov 17, 2012
Debby, i was so sorry to learn of your precious daughter's passing, i can only guess at your grief and sorrow. May god give you and laurie peace during this most difficult time. I only knew her as a little girl, yet autumn and she emailed at times and autumn commented on how sweet she seemed. Thinking and praying for you. Your old friend and former sister-in-law, kimberly.
- Kimberly Dinsley

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Nov 17, 2012
Thank you kim and autumn. Yes, she was a precious and loving daughter. I was never so blessed as the day she was born. Watching her accomplish and triumph so much, while battling her illness, made me so proud of her. It warmed my heart when my neighbors told me how proud of her they were too. It is the most difficult time i know i will ever endure, and i thank you for your reverence and condolences. You may remember angela's birthday was around christmas, but i didn't want to post actual birth date or date of death on the internet. The holidays at this time of year will never be the same without her. She was my angel!!!
- Deborah Paulseth
Oct 30, 2012

what a wonderful website. I'm so glad you found it. You are absolutely right. Angie was a lovely and beautiful young woman. Her angelic spirit will sustain you. She definitely was her mother's daughter, and of that you can be very proud!

love and hugs. . .
- Pat Strandberg

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Oct 30, 2012
My thoughts are with my good friend debby and her family. Your child was lost too early. -- jean.
- Jean James

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